Welcome to Phusion Projects' Responsible Drinking website.

We hope it will serve as a resource for our customers, distributors, retailers, partners and others who share our commitment to encouraging responsible drinking and preventing underage drinking and drunk driving.

From our company’s inception, we have worked hard to ensure that our products, such as Four Loko, are consumed legally, safely and responsibly, going above and beyond state and federal regulations. But responsible drinking is not our goal alone, nor is it a goal that can be realized without cooperation and communication between all those involved. That’s why we’ve reached out – beyond our manufacturing facilities, beyond the stores where our products are sold – to regulators, college leaders and others who have a shared stake in the legal, safe and responsible use of alcohol.

Our site is a place where you can find information about what we’re doing to fight alcohol abuse, underage drinking and drunk driving, as well as other resources about these issues.